10 Names of God

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start!!

A new day to rise and call on the Name of the Lord.

Throughout the Bible, God continually reveals His character to His people. And one way He does this is through different names which are more like facets that give us deeper glimpses of Him and His Heart and His majesty and His power!

Sometimes, they are names that He calls Himself, but often they are names that people give to Him as they experience Him in a new way. The people who have a fresh encounter with Him are trying to explain or describe it and they name Him based on what they have experienced of a good, good Lord who is active and in relationship with His people.

I have been studying the names of God through a book by Tony Evans called Praying through the Names of God, and also by the devotional plans in the YouVersion Bible app.

It is so inspiring to learn where the different name of God came from and when they were used in the Bible.

As we learn His names, we grow in our understanding of His love and His character. We can grow in faith when we call Him, Jireh, our provider or Elohim, our creator. We can be comforted when we call Him, El Roi, the One who sees me.

Here are the 10 names that I have studied so far. Some have blog posts to match, and I’ve added those links. Others, I am still studying and haven’t blogged about yet.

I pray as you learn about the names of God, you feel a fresh stirring of faith in your soul that God IS who He says He is and He will do what He has promised to do!!

Elohim Part 1

Elohim Part 2

Elohim Part 3

Click here for blog post about God as Provider!

Click here for a blog post about God’s Almighty Power!

Jehovah Nissi Part 1

Jehovah Nissi Part 2

Click here for a blog post about the God who sees you: EL Roi

Dear Heavenly Father,

THANK You Lord for how You reveal Yourself to your people. Thank You Lord for being a relational, personal God who created us, cares for us, provides for us, and is all powerful over all. Help us to grow in our hunger and thirst for learning more and more about You. Lord, open our hearts to new experiences with You!

In Jesus’s name, AMEN.

Blessings as you grow in your revelation of the Lord,

Vanessa Lynn

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